A Choreographic Score

A generative path that creates a visually poetic outcome, possesses a choreographic capacity and is meant to be translated into dance. The aim of the artwork is to both incorporate a moving behaviour but also constitute a method with which a dance artist could choreograph. Despite its singular title, it is not one single score but one medium of generating unique choreographic scores in every saved frame.


One single printed frame / score could be seen as a plan, as a libretto, as an instruction, as a hint, as a tool or as a whole play. The purpose is to not limit its potential essence but to explore it as a visual information oscillating between a choreographer and a performer who are both free to interpret it as much poetically or descriptively as they wish. What will emerge between them, cannot be controlled or foregone. ‘A choreographic score’  is at the disposal of the recipient minds and bodies.


Entirely coded in Processing.


One single print of the animated sketch was exhibited in the group exhibition ‘getLerped’.

St. James Church

Goldsmiths University of London

Feb 2019