(e)Irini Kalaitzidi (b. 1991 Athens, Greece) is a dance artist who works with technology in order to generate poetic experiences of dance and shape spaces where mutually affective encounters of bodies emerge. Parallel to choreographing, she is exploring a techno-feminist practise of being in a choreo-milieu, i.e. in the in-between human and non-human, physical and digital, static and dynamic dancing agencies. Irini is intrigued by blending and layering materials, dimensions and moving behaviours for the purpose of creating fictional partly-familiar-partly-uncanny choreo-related events.

She studied at the Greek National School of Dance and graduated (w/ distinction) from the Computational Arts (MA) Department of Goldsmiths University of London. She has presented her works ’Pistachios’ in Contemporary Theatre of Athens (2016), ‘detail’ in Tinos island (2018) and ‘Within the Vibrant Assemblage’ in St.James Church, London (2019). Following her latter work, she was invited to give a talk regarding Art and Artificial Intelligence at the Human Data Interaction Workshop (Somerset House, 2019). Among other labs, she has participated in the Choreographic Coding Lab, organised by Motion Bank, Fiber and ICK Amsterdam (Dansmakers, 2019). She has performed in various productions in Peiraios 260 and Megaron among other stages of Athens and has collaborated as an Assistant Choreographer with Patricia Apergi for the productions ‘Alcestis’ (Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2017) and ‘Primary Fact’ (Onassis Cultural Centre, 2018). For 2020-21, Irini is an ARTWORKS Fellow, awarded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Meanwhile, she is having residencies at Kinono (Tinos, 2020) and ICST Zhdk (Zurich, 2020) in the research area of Immersive Arts.

She is based in Athens, Tinos and London.

Contact: eri.kalaitzidi@gmail.com