Within the Vibrant Assemblage

A performance of human and nonhuman participants who share a particular degree of dance aptitude and endurance. This dance power is the liveliness and the affective capacity that the theorist Jane Bennett attributes to vibrant matter. 

Eleven dancers offered 5,5 hours of their improvised dance as the training dataset of a machine learning model in order for it to generate new sequences of movement. These sequences are now transfigured and embodied by a mobile configuration of motors, pixels, and body joints. A human-originated and computer-generated dance material is displaced and redistributed among diverse bodies, creating a vibrant assemblage.

This work attempts to draw attention to a poetic and fuller range of the powers that circulate around and within actual and possible bodies.


Visuals coded in Processing

Sound coded in Max/MSP

Motorised objects led by an Arduino Nano



Exhibited in the Degree Show ‘So, how is THAT working for you?’.

MA/MFA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths University of London

Sept 2019